Yea Sing Enterprise Co., Ltd. - Blister Lidding Foil , PVC Film , PVC/PVDC Film , Cold Formable Foil , Aluminium Lids
Production environment /
s supplier of primary packaging for the pharmaceutical and food industry, cleanliness and hygiene are our highest priority. The quality of pharmaceutical, food and different options of packaging must be guaranteed of its cleanness and hygiene in every step of the production process. Control of material, products, processes and personnel are based on strict hygiene standard. ISO 22000 certified, Yea Sing is committed to meet and exceed market’s expectations in terms of craftsmanship, quality, professionalism and customer satisfactions.

Quality specifications /
Primary packaging materials for pharmaceutical and food applications are tested and certified by SGS or BMSI certified laboratories. Components that are designed to come in direct contact with drug, are in compliance with FDA 21 CFR 175.300.  The quality control processes are being carried out in all stages of production starting from the raw material input until the final product output in order to maintain the sustainability of the quality.